We are writing this extraordinary message today to inform you of an important decision that the Foundation has taken recently.

We are sure you all are aware of the catastrophic situation in South Sudan, the youngest country in the world. Since its independence from Sudan in 2011, the country has suffered one of the worst humanitarian crises in history. Today, from a total of 12 million people, more than 6 million are refugees in other countries or have fled from their homes and are sheltered in camps for displaced persons.

In February 2017, famine was officially declared: in South Sudan people die of hunger and war.

With an unprecedented decision, the Board of the Foundation, answering a request from our President, has decided to support a humanitarian intervention plan in South Sudan that will begin immediately and will involve eight partner organizations active on the field.

It is a complex and very demanding financial commitment that necessarily implies the compression of most of our ordinary activities and the suspension of our Online Application System until December 2018. For this reason, all projects submitted and awaiting evaluation will not be evaluated.

We are aware that our decision, which is unexpected due to extraordinary events, will upset your plans. However, we ask you to stand with us and with South Sudan at this time. Now is the time to focus attention on an area of ​​the world nobody speaks of and where, in 2017, unthinkable atrocities are committed to a resigned population decimated by hunger and epidemics.

Please note that our online system will be re-opened to new registrations and applications starting from December 2018.

If you submitted a project proposal, you will be able to apply again with the same updated project or with a new one from December 2018 onwards.

If you registered your organization and were about to start the application process, you won’t be able to proceed until December 2018.

We trust in your understanding and collaboration, and would like to thank you for your work and for your determination.

Yours sincerely

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation

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