1. The organization

The Statute must provide evidence that the organization was legally and officially set up.

1.1 Legal name:*
1.2 Acronym:
1.3 Legal status:*
(E.g. Non-profit association, Onlus, etc.)
1.4 Complete organization's address:*
1.5 Correspondence address if different:
1.6 Country where your organization is registered:*
1.7 Registration code:*
1.7 Codice Fiscale:*
1.8 Foundation year:*
1.9 Actively working since:
1.10 Number of staff:
1.11 Number of volunteers:
1.12 Organization's phone number:*
1.13 Organization's fax number:
1.14 Organization's e-mail address:*
1.15 Organization's home page, if any:
1.16 Legal name of parent organization, if any:
2. Legal Representative of the organization
2.1 Title:*
2.2 Name:*
2.3 Last Name:*
2.4 Position:*
2.5 Birth Place:*
2.6 Birth Date:*
2.7 Address:*
2.8 Personal fiscal code of the legal representative:*
3. Principal contact person
3.1 Title:*
3.2 Name:*
3.3 Last Name:*
3.4 Position:*
3.5 Email:*
Important: this email address will also be your username. The password to access your user page, and all communication with the NaEPF will be sent at this email address!
3.6 Complete correspondence address,
if different from the above:
3.7 Phone number, if any:
3.8 Fax number, if any:
4. Banking
(Please, provide us with full details on your Bank Account, including IBAN or SWIFT code. Note at the account holder must be the proponent organization)
4.1 Name of the Bank:*
4.2 Address of the Bank:*
4.3 Account number:*
4.4 Account holder:*
4.5 SWIFT code:*
4.6 IBAN code:*
5. Other information
5.1 Have you applied to the NaEPF in the past:*
= yes = no
5.2 How did you learn about the NaEPF?
5.3 Usual sources of financing for the organization (public funding, private foundations etc):
I allow the use and processing of my personal data according to the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation's Data Protection Declaration.*
* = required
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